Fashion Show work

Fashion Show work

Currently I am working with Francesca Castellano and Hala Alghabrawi on their upcoming Fashion Show here in Berlin. It will be full of glitter and amazing designs!

What to expect when you work as hair and make-up artist on a runway show:

The average day starts at around 16 o`clock. Once you get to the show space and you’ve got your backstage pass, you set up your makeup station ready to get to work. When the Models arrive there’s normally a three-hour window before the show starts to get the hair and make-up done. Once the models are in line-up, we make sure to lotion the legs hide any bruises or red hands with concealer and foundation, just to remove any imperfections. Each model has to look perfect.

Even though it can be exhausting working up to the day and the final time of the run way show, all of the excitement of bringing a vision to life keeps you working harder and longer. When it’s all over, you’re left feeling like, you could keep doing this forever.


Thank you Francesca and Hala


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